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S-Track Roller System
The S-Track Roller System follows the natural curves of your spine, stretching tight muscles and soothing sore spots. And with a fully adjustable recline, you can relax and enjoy your massage from the comfort of your home.


Zero Gravity Positioning
The zero-gravity position capability relieves the pressure on your spine, mimicking the feeling of weightlessness. This allows your entire body to relax as the automatic nodes do their work.

Compressed Air Pockets
Your feet, legs and arms will benefit from the compressed air pockets that gently squeeze and release, promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Making this chair a true full-body experience.

LCD Remote
Not only will you be able to completely relax, but you don’t have to get up or really even move a muscle to change the intensity, speed, or location of your massage. Our easy-to-use LCD remote fits snugly in the side pocket so you always have control of your massage at your fingertips.

Spa-Quality Relaxation In The Comfort of Your Home
A professional quality massage doesn’t have to happen in an expensive, uncomfortable salon. You CAN get a massage anytime you want withOUT scheduling appointments… it’s like having your own personal masseuse on call.

Vitala Massage Chair

Color: Brown
  • With body-scan technology that automatically detects the position of your body and the shape of your spine, the Vitala Massage Chair customizes your at-home massage to your body. From a foot massage that targets specific pressure points to alleviate aches and ease tension to the compression airbags that grip and stretch your arms and hands… you’ll find your perfect position for relaxation.

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